Mission Statement

We, the Franklin Regional School community, strive for excellence, learning, achievement, and citizenship in all we do.

Our Vision

We are committed to excellence. Students, staff, administrators, and community volunteers work every day to make our school more vibrant, rigorous, creative, adaptable, fun, and future oriented.

Learning: Learning is a multi-faceted, life-long process and the focus of all we do. We enable all of our learning community members to develop knowledge, skills, and self-awareness and make learning central to our lives.

Achievement: We are committed to learning and doing. We promote, recognize, and value accomplishments in the many diverse endeavors of our community members.

Citizenship: We act with integrity and in an ethical, responsible, and tolorent fashion. In this way, we promote each person's ability to be a productive, contribution, thoughtful, and socially responsible member of our local and global communities.


Our Shared Values

  1. Everyone can learn.
  2. Everyone deserves to be valued and respected.
  3. Everyone is a contributing partner in the educational process.
  4. Everyone is entitled to an environment that promotes high expectations and accountability through challenging and meaningful work.
  5. Everyone is encouraged to embrace a lifelong quest for learning.
  6. Everyone is responsible for the effective utilization of resources.
  7. Everyone is encouraged to understand the importance, contribution, and impact of diversity in our global society.
  8. Everyone is entitled to and shares responsibility for maintaining a safe, supportive environment.