Fun Ideas for Word Work at Home



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This link has suggestions for IPAD apps that will help with supporting a child's reading development:
This link has suggestions for developing a child's reading fluency:

Book Wizard Website:
This website (below) can be used to identify DRA levels for most books that you have in your collection at home.  Here’s how to use it:
  1. Type in the book’s title
  2. Select the type of level you would like to search- select “DRA”
  3. Hit enter or click “Find Books”

 6 FUN IDEAS to practice
spelling words at home:

sketch pad

Shaving cream
Put shaving cream on a cookie tray or plate and ask your child to draw the words with his/her fingers.

Hair gel
Fill up a ziploc bag with hair gel and seal it.  Lay the bag on a flat surface and ask your child to draw (by pressing on top of the bag with a finger) the spelling words.

Paint Brush
Your child can use water and a paint brush to spell the words on your sidewalk or driveway.

Rainbow Letters
Your child can write each spelling word with a variety of colors (markers, crayons, etc.)

Dry erase boards
You can purchase a dry erase board at the dollar store and ask your child to spell words by writing them on the board.

Sentence spelling
Create a phrase or short sentence using the spelling words and ask your child to write it down.  See if he/she remembers to capitalize and punctuate properly.


 Sight Word Games
for at home practice:

Check out this website for additional, AMAZING games to practice sight words at home!!!!!! 

Word Hunt
Hide word cards through out a designated room.  Have your child look for the cards.  Once he/she finds one and reads it correctly, allow him/her to take it and put it in a cup or basket.  If the word provides a challenge for your child, practice it several times with him/her and then have your child return to it's hiding spot later in the hunt.  This game is like an egg hunt and the children LOVE it!
Shake the Bag: 
Write out word cards and place them in a small gift bag, paper bag or even a cup.  Each player shakes the bag & pulls out a card to read.  If the word is read correctly, the card is kept.  If not, it is practiced a few times and then returned to the bag.  When the bag is empty, the player with the most cards wins!
Secret Password: 
Post a word near a door or in a special spot.  Every time your child passes the word, he/she must read it.
Make up two cards for each sight word.  Mix up the cards and set them up in rows of three to five cards with the word side facing down.  Then flip over two cards and try to match two of the same sight word.  Each card that is flipped over is read out loud by the player, even if they are not a match.  Players may only keep the word cards if they read the match correctly.
Word Monster: 
Are you crafty?  You and your child can make a word monster out of an old shoe box, dishwasher gel-tab box, mini garbage can, etc.  Ask your child to tell you about the ones we have in the classroom. 

Once you have your word monster ready, you can make cards showing each weekly sight word/troublesome sight word.  The word monster eats words that your child reads correctly by "spits out" words that he or she misreads.  The children love to make the silly noises as the word monster chews up the words!  They like it just as much when they get to hear their grown ups at home be silly with them!  Enjoy.

word monster