Weekly Updates



Mrs. McKenna's Classroom News: 

Daily Suggested Practice At Home:

Monday: Library Class is today.  Read for 15 minutes tonight.  Practice/review troublesome spelling & sight words & the first three vocabulary words on the study guide.  Your child will receive new spelling words today and a weekly study guide.  You may want to keep these in your child’s folder all week long behind his/her calendar.

  Read for 15 minutes tonight. Practice/review spelling, sight & the first three vocabulary words. Complete spelling homework tonight.

Wednesday:  Gym class is today. Complete reading homework tonight. Read for 15 minutes or more tonight. Practice sight, spelling & all 6  vocabulary words.

Thursday:  Read for 15 minutes or more tonight and practice spelling, sight & all 6 vocabulary words. Prepare for the spelling quiz &  literacy assessment.

Friday:  The spelling quiz &  literacy assessment is today.  Read for 15 minutes tonight. Practice/review troublesome sight words.

Over the weekend:  Bring your library books on Monday.  Review troublesome sight words.   Read for at least 15 minutes each day.  



Mark Your Calendars!

Mondays:  Return your library books to be prepared for today's class.

Wear tennis shoes for gym class. 

**Bring a daily snack!**

September 25:  Picture Day

October 8:  Columbus Day-no school for students

October 26:  End of the first 9 weeks

October 29:  No School:  Professional Development/Clerical for staff

November 12:  Parent-Teacher Conference Day-No school for students

November 13:  Professional Development for staff

November 21-26:  No School:  Thanksgiving Break

December 24-January 1:  No School:  Winter Break

January 2: Classes Resume

January 17: End of second 9 weeks

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A few reminders:

All envelopes/lunch money sent to school should be clearly marked.  Lunch money should include your child's first and last name as well as his/her pin number.


    Review Math Games for your child:

    1.  I'm thinking of a Number:

    Choose a mystery number from 1-20.  Give clues about the number including words like greater than, less than, more, less, before, after or between and have your child identify the number in 1-2 guesses.

    2.  Five Crows In A Row
    Have your child teach you this fun game we often use during our calendar time in math.  It helps your child to practice counting on from 5 and provides addition practice (with the ultimate goal of memorization/mastery) of the fact family of 5.



    Panther Power Centers:

    Your child will attend weekly centers.  Ask your first grader to tell you about his/her center.  During this time, students work on differentiated learning centers.  This creates time in our daily schedule for enrichment, small group remediation, reteaching of challenging skills, etc. 


    Literacy Updates:

    Beginning in mid-September, with Storytown's lesson 1, be sure to locate your child's weekly word list which includes: spelling, sight and vocabulary words.  Find the study guide which is sent home on Mondays to read more about our weekly skills.

    Robust Vocabulary Words
    :  Please note that the first three robust vocabulary words are introduced and reviewed on Monday and Tuesday and the last three are introduced and review on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Friday we review all six words.  Your child will know the meaning of these words and how they can be accurately used in sentences.  I tell the students that these words help their conversation and writing to "sparkle"!

    Assessment Info:
    The sections read aloud to your child are noted at the top "Teacher Read Aloud".  If you do not see this, that means your child was responsible for reading everything but the directions independently.  Near January, your child will begin reading the high frequency word section independently EVERY week!  If you notice a word or two circled, this means your child needed help with that particular word.

    Needed Donations:

    At this time, we need napkins to be used during snack times in the classroom!  Tissues and Clorox Wipes are always welcome too.  Thank you for your interest.

    The PTO is collecting Box tops.  Please send your collections in with your child.  A collection will be taken every month.





    Do you drop off your child in the morning?

    All AM drop off's (before school) must take place at the front/main entrance.  

    Pick Up Notes:
    Please be sure that any day your child is picked up from school, he/she has a note at the start of the school day.  This note may be handwritten.  If your child will be picked up every day, you may send a note detailing this instead of sending one daily.  There is not a specific form to use (but I do provide one at the beginning of the year for your convenience), any type of paper/note will work perfectly.

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    What are responsibility points?

    Did you know… your child collects responsibility every day by completing jobs in the classroom? Some of these jobs consist of bringing in his/her folder, snack, putting items in the notes from home bin, and even making a lunch choice independently. Completing homework on time also earns points.

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