Dear Parents,


          Beginning on the first day of school, your child will be bringing home this communication folder.  The procedure of sending this folder to and from school is a program to encourage student responsibility.  It contains a behavior chart and any papers that are important for your viewing.  It is important that you review the contents of this folder on a DAILY basis and return the folder to school with your child each day. You should also use this folder to send information to school. Please initial the behavior chart each day so we know you have seen the contents of the folder.

          Each day, we will evaluate your child’s behavior on the behavior chart and will use a code to convey this to you.  This does not replace my open communication policy, but will instead, keep you as up to date as possible regarding your child’s behavior each day.  The following code will be used:


A sticker means your child had a first class day and is following all classroom rules and procedures.


1 = not listening or following directions

2 = talkative

3 = lack of self control (This means that your child got carried away and needed to be reminded to calm him/herself.  It also includes behaviors such as laying on the floor, walking around, or continual restlessness during stories, discussions, or other activities.  It could also be a disregard for rules in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, or special class.)

4 = not focusing on work (This means your child is not finishing work, in a timely manner, because of daydreaming or other lack of focus.)

5 = disrespecting peers (This area includes any inappropriate us of hands or words.)


***Any serious or continuous problem will be discussed with you through a separate letter, phone call, or conference.


If you have any questions regarding the procedure for this folder, please let us know.  It is important that we work together on this educational journey.  Hopefully, you will find this process beneficial and we will see it develop a sense of responsibility in your child.


                                                          Thank you,

                                                          Mrs. Cartwright and Ms. Jockel