Literacy Arts

We will continue the implementation of the Harcourt Reading Series.  The Harcourt Reading Series encompasses Reading, Spelling, Writing, and Grammar.  There are six different Themes that will be covered this year.  Please go to for more information.

Students will write a lot through the year! The majority of the writing will be done for practice and teaching purposes.  Whenever a graded writing assignment is given, students will have plenty of time to complete the writing assignment inside the classroom.  Students will also have a copy of the rubric that I will be using to grade each writing assignment throughout the year. 


This year we will be using two math series - 



Students need to know the basic multiplication and division facts for this year ( 0- 12 facts).  Please practice them for a few minutes each night.  

Problem Solving has the tendency to be a little difficult at first and takes practice in order to master.  Students will study Problem Solving throughout the school year and will have plenty of practice inside and outside the classroom so that they can become successful.


Social Studies

 This year we will be learning about Geographical Tools, taking a trip through the Regions in the United States (We will discuss in detail and complete many hands-on activities about each region's climate, landforms, the economy, natural resources, and the states of each region.), learn all 50 States, and discuss some important events in Pennsylvania History during our last 9 weeks. 



 This year the students will be investigating Insects, Human Body, Simple Machines, Electricity, Solar System, and Rocks & Minerals with Mrs. Teper.