About Our Library

kid readingThe Newlonsburg Elementary Library/Media Center is the information hub of our school, housing a wonderful collection of fiction and nonfiction books, biographies, reference materials, magazines, and various types of media resources. In addition to its print resources, the Newlonsburg Library provides various technology resources to its staff and students. The library utilizes “Destiny,” a computerized circulation and search system that allows for remote searching capabilities. The web-based Accelerated Reader program and the S.T.A.R. program are available for students in grades 2-5. Kindle e-book readers are available for students in grades 4 and 5. Students and staff have access to updated research tools such as World Book Online and POWER Library Kids. The instructional space within the Newlonsburg Library is equipped with a classroom set of Chromebooks, as well as an interactive Promethean Board.

The library is open and available for student use on a daily basis for both independent reading and research as well as for the completion of assignments. Students in Grades K-5 visit the library once a week for a forty-five minute period for information literacy instruction. Students explore the library and its resources and learn how to access and utilize information effectively. Students also have the opportunity to appreciate various genres and types of literature, complete author studies, share books with their classmates, and select books on an appropriate level for independent reading. Interactions with relevant and high interest expository text in a guided format encourage students to better utilize nonfiction resources as well as to develop an appreciation for nonfiction text.