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Elementary Counseling Curriculum Action Plans

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CAPTAIN K's in Kindergarten

This year is the second year of our social skills groups in Kindergarten called CAPTAIN K's.  This is an attempt to help our kindergarten students work on self control skills by introducing them to 3 sets of characters and the behaviors that go along with each.  I have included an image of each below as well as the book used to compliment each lesson taught.


bossy pants
Turntaker Girl or Boy-  Willing to Share, Will make a deal with others (compromise) and gives others a chance


I Rock

I-ROCK-  This superhero helps us find healthy strategies to handle our huge, upset feelings.  All about making good choices when those emotions start to come.

Pig Pug
*Lil Fun Make finds a way to have fun with different types of people no matter what.  Just likes to play and have a good time.