Parent Resources

Some Useful Websites/Articles/Seminars Available:

*NEW Spring 2015- Article that can be related to parenting.  Love the overall message from this baseball coach.

*NEW Fall 2015-  Franklin Regional Elementary Counseling Newsletter-  fallnewslettersept..docx

*NEW Winter 2016-  Want Your Kids To Be More Resilient?  Check Out The Advice In This Article From A Navy Seal-

*2015-  Two articles from magazine Parent and Child-  one about back to school tips and another on bedwetting-  parent articles.pdf

*  I use this site with my 4th and 5th grade students specifically for the information on alcohol, tobacco, and smoking

*www.pbskids/itsmylife-  I use this website also with the students for topics such as friends, emotions/feelings, bullying, sibling rivalry, and other topics.  I think parents might find it useful as well.

*Parent article about Hooka Pens-​Might find this interesting if you have middle or high school kids-  HOOKAPENS.pdf

*  website resource for parents/teachers specifically designed to assist students with special needs.

*-The website below has information for college saving plans called PA529.  Click on link for more information about saving for your child's education

*Have you ever debated whether or not to allow your child to attend a funeral viewing or the actual funeral?  Here is an article taken from Readers Digest about this very topic.


*Interesting article about teens who feel less favored by parents and how they may be more likely to use drugs and alcohol.  If you have multiple children you might be inclined to read this attachment. Also included in this attachment is an update on a couple drug trends that are effecting our youth.  CHECK IT OUT!



This site is dedicated to providing families with strategies to help their children become good readers and successful students. Topics include what you can do at home, building strong parent-teacher partnership, and helping your children succeed in school.


This site provides helpful information about how to talk to children about drugs. You can also download free informational booklets on the truth about drugs or watch documentaries about common drugs in our society.


D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Program) provides ample information for parents about drug prevention. The website provides information on keeping kids drug free, warning signs to be aware of, and how to talk to your kids about drugs. provides parents with and abundance of articles on a host of topics from social development to bullying to special education. Articles also discuss what parents can expect for their kids from kindergarten through 5th grade. Parents can also find hundreds of printable worksheets for each academic subject to aid in their child’s academic achievement.


Worksheets -


When someone close to us dies, it can be difficult emotionally, physically, and psychologically. The Highmark Caring Place champions the cause of grieving children and their families by creating awareness of their needs and providing programs for them to help with the grieving process.


It is never too early for students to begin exploring career options. Paws in Jobland is a fantastic interactive web program that allows parents to help their child explore many different careers based on their interests. Help your child take the brief interest inventory and start exploring!


The Parents’ Guide to Student Success was created by educational experts in response to the common core standards. Simply click on one of the guides and find your child’s current grade level to read about what they should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career.


Looking for an organization or website to provide you with more information on special education or disabilities? Special Education Guide provides a host of websites that can help.


Child Development Resources provides a continuously evolving list of selected web sites providing health and safety tips and information applicable to childcare settings.


PBS Parents is a fantastic resource for parenting tips and strategies.