PTO Officers & Committee Chairs

2017-2018 PTO OFFICERS (Executive Board)

 Title Name Contact Information
Presidents  Elizabeth Hatfield

 Vice-President  Georgianne Shirley

 Treasurer  Kristen Verruggio
 Secretary  Amber Cady

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Officers and Chairperson list 2016-2017

***Chairperson List - updated 9/22/16

 Committee and Chairperson Descriptions 

Chairpersons coordinate after school programs that will benefit our our students. 

ARTS & SCIENCE FAIR:  Becky Maiman [; 724-325-2066], Denise Jannetto [; 412-953-9439], Stefanie Guillon  Family Night: Sharon Padezanin & Rupali Badwe

This event encourages students to explore art, science and creative writing endeavors.  Chairpersons determine goals and guidelines, recruit volunteers to help in the operation of the fair, and organize entries and displays for the day of the fair.

ASSEMBLIES:  Debbie Christafano [; 724-325-2194]

   Educational assemblies are organized by the PTO Vice-President throughout the school year. 

Backpack To-Go Program:  Staci Eiben [ 724-325-3038] 


Parent donated baked goods are sold during some PTO sponsored events, with profits going to the PTO for future events.  Chairperson sets dates and recruits volunteers to bake and/or sell. 

BOOK FAIRS:   Jen Holt , Kelly Mansour (Breakfast)
 Committee:  Becky Maiman,  Pam Lee, Rupali Badwe, Amber

Fairs are run in the fall and spring to provide students, teachers and parents with the opportunity to purchase inexpensive books.  Chairpersons work with the book supplier, coordinate dates with the school, and also recruit volunteers to assist with operation of fairs with at least one evening book fair open to the public. 

BUS DRIVER APPRECIATION:   Renee Modra (; 412-607-4859)

Chairperson coordinates a gesture of appreciation for the Bus Drivers.

BYLAWS:   2015-2016: Susanna Choi [; 724-327-5009], Lori Livingston [; 724-325-6399], Moira Meixner [; 724-327-4678], Amy Orzechowski [; 724-327-8530]       

Committe members review and revise PTO bylaws, which must be done every 3 years.

CASH BACK PROGRAMS: Sara Orndoff, Kristen Bost

Chairperson coordinates premium programs with local businesses or companies including but not limited to Giant Eagle, Box Tops and Target, to purchase items for the school with the profits.

Clearances:    Kim McMunn-Zannikos
Helps volunteers understand which clearances to obtain and where to get the clearances.  

   Becky Hollerman 

This team of volunteers act as clerical assistants for teachers.  Chairperson recruits,  schedules volunteers, and trains new aides. 

FALL WELCOME/TEACHER APPRECIATION: Marlise Azzolina, Elizabeth Hatfield, Rachel Eaton

Gift of appreciation to welcome teachers and staff back to school.     

FAMILY FUN event:  Kelley Mansour, Amy Sheridan

Social event for students and families is planned by the Chairperson.  The event could be a skating party, a bingo party, a sock hop, dance, movie night, etc.    

FIELD DAY: Denise JannettoGeorgie Shirley

A day of fun physical activities for students.  Chairpersons coordinate parent volunteers, develop appropriate activities and monitor student participation.

FIFTH GRADE FAREWELL PARTY:  Moira Meixner, Tarah Kurimsky, Kim W., Becky M.
An evening of fun for the “graduating” fifth graders at the end of the school year.  Chairperson coordinates activities such as facilities, entertainment, and refreshments;  and recruits volunteers to help and chaperone at the event.

FITNESS WALK:  Elizabeth Hatfield, Moira Meixner, Sharon Padezanin, Stephanie Guillon, Open


Chairperson coordinates a fundraiser during the Fall and Spring.


Game Day provides children with the opportunity to engage in "thinking" games (chess, checkers, connect 4, etc) during the winter months at recess. The Chair coordinates dates (usually twice a month November- March) and schedules parent volunteers to facilitate learning while children are playing fun games.

HOLIDAY SHOP:   Marlise Azzolina, Jen Holt, Allison Difilippo, Open

Students purchase a variety of gifts at this festive December event.  Chairpersons coordinate activities with the school, facilities, and teachers.  Volunteers are recruited for the operation of the shop. 

 HOLIDAY TEACHER LUNCHEON:  Allison Difilippo, Tarah Kurimsky


Homeroom parents for each classroom organize a fall, winter, and spring party;  and assist the teacher with special activities.   Chairperson recruits the homeroom parents;  coordinates a meeting at the start of the school year with the Principal and Homeroom parents; and disburses PTO money.

KID STUFF BOOKS:  Kim Zannikos

These coupon books are sold as a fundraiser.  Chairperson collects orders/money, obtains books from vendor, and distributes books. 

NEWLONSBURG GARDEN:  Elizabeth Hatfield (, OPEN

Chairperson represents the parents in a triangle of collaboration among teachers, community members, and parents (PTO).  The committee takes an active part in discussing and implementing new plans and improvements for the garden.


       Members recruit Chairpersons and Officers in the Spring for the following academic year.  

2015-2016: Debbie Christafano, Stefanie Guillon, Moira Meixner, Amy Orzechowski, Becky Maiman, Denise Janetto, Heather Fulton

At least two members of the general PTO membership are required to meet with the PTO Executive Board to make financial or tactical decisions when required between regular membership meetings. 


Chairperson updates the PTO bulletin board with current events and information.

REGISTRATION/MEMBERSHIP:  Marlise Azulina, Tarah Kurimsky

Organizes registration drive for the PTO in the fall for families and teachers.   


Several area restaurants have programs offering donations to charitable organizations based on purchases by their members.  Chairperson organizes these events.   

SCHOOL BOARD REPRESENTATIVES:   Elizabeth Hatfield, Tarah Kurimsky

Represents the Newlonsburg PTO at the school board meetings and reports on meeting content back to PTO.  Meetings are normally on Monday evenings.  Also, Chairperson attends meetings with the Superintendent. 

 SPIRIT SALE:  Amber Cady, Elizabeth Hatfield, Jen Holt (Tervis Sales)

This is a sale of Franklin Regional logo items as a fund raiser.  Chairperson collects orders/ money, obtains items from vendors, and distributes merchandise.   


A listing of students’ addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are compiled in a Student Directory to make contact outside of school more convenient.  Chairperson gathers data, recruits volunteers, coordinates printing, and oversees orders.

TEACHER APPRECIATION:   Moira Meixner [; 724-327-4678]; Marlise Azzolina, Elizabeth Hatfield, Rachel Eaton

Chairperson coordinates gestures of appreciation throughout the year including the spring luncheon.  

TEACHER GRANTS:  Elizabeth Hatfield 

Teachers apply for PTO funding for special projects, educational materials, assemblies, and field trips to enhance the curriculum.  Chairperson collects teachers' applications, reviews applications (with a committee), and presents them to the PTO for approval.


WALK AND TALK CLUB:  Sharon Padezanin [; 724-519-7099],

Parent supervised monthly event when students walk laps during recess to improve physical fitness and obtain "prizes".  Chairpersons recruit parent volunteers, monitor numbers of student laps, and distribute "prizes".   



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